Saturday January 25 , 2020
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Blacktop Bootcamp Skid CarBlacktop Bootcamp, Incorporated is a company dedicated to teaching drivers advanced, life-saving driving techniques. We believe that the best way to survive a crash is to avoid having it in the first place.  To that end our students learn inside the classroom and inside the car.

In the classroom students are taught the physics behind driving; how and why a car behaves the way it does.  They learn how the laws of physics can work for and against them on the road.  Some things that continue to be taught in Driver's Education are contrary to the laws of physics.  We spend time "unlearning" some of the out-dated and incorrect teachings of traditional driver's education.

Make no mistake about it the only way to learn driving is by doing it.  Pilots don't learn to fly from watching a video. Unlike some courses we do not spend 8-hours watching propaganda videos. This is learning by doing. This alternating schedule of class time and on-course time ensures that students get first hand experience putting the accident avoidance techniques to use in their own cars.

When they are out on course students will drive with an experienced in-car instructor who provides invaluable feedback and guidance.  Our instructors are hand-picked from law enforcement, high-performance driving and racing communities.  They ride with each student ensuring that the techniques taught in class are being executed properly behind the wheel.  We DO NOT teach line theory, racing or high-speed driving to our Advanced Driving Artstm students.

From behind the wheel of their own vehicle students use our accident avoidance simulator to practice making split-second decisions to avoid a "crash" and then put our techniques to work.  Students practice emergency maneuvers over and over to ensure mastery and muscle memory.

One of our most valuable teaching tools is our skid car.  To learn these skids on a normal car would require significant speed, a dedicated high-speed track and would be vastly more risky to the driver and the car.  The Blacktop Bootcamp skid car has outriggers on it that enable students to learn skid correction at very low speeds in a controlled environment.  An instructor controls the amount of traction available at either axle to induce skids on demand in any weather.  Through the use of the skid car students can feel what it is like to drive on rain, snow or ice in the middle of hot summer day!

Christopher Ihara

Chris is the president and founder of Blacktop Bootcamp, Incorporated.  He began his high performance driving career in 1995 taking over a dozen high performance driving schools at various tracks around the east coast. He has also done drag racing, autocrossing, Solo 2 competition and even competed in the grueling One Lap of America.

Chris obtained his competition racing license with the Sports Car Club of America in 1997 where he currently competes in American Sedan.  In that time he has earned an SCCA regional championship and many, many podium finishes and race wins. He has driven dozens of tracks around the world as a student, an instructor, a journalist and a racer.

Since 1997 Chris has also been instructing high performance and advanced driving schools.  As an in-car and lead classroom instructor he has taught hundreds of teens and adults life-saving driving skills.  It is here that he picked up his passion for instructing the Driving Artstm.

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Ralph Cofer

Ralph Cofer is a Senior Law Enforcement driving instructor and has taught pursuit driving for over 22 years. He also teaches high performance driving classes for police use of the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Charger; as well as classes for front  and 4-wheel drive.  Ralph also teaches Pursuit Management to all newly promoted supervisors.

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Dave Parker

Dave Parker is no stranger to high performance driving beginning in 1989 when he graduated the Virginia State Emergency Vehicle Operations Course.  Then over the past decade Dave has instructed auto enthusiasts the essentials of car control at high-speed, open track events.  As an in-car instructor he has sharpened the skills of hundreds of students on track at speeds well beyond highway limits.

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Terri Parker

Terri ParkerTerri Parker participated in her first on track driving event in 1999, a Friday At The Track at Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point,WV.  She graduated from the BSR Accident Avoidance School in 1999 and in 2001 earned her Sports Car Club of America Regional competition license.

She raced primarily Volkswagens competing in a 1985 Volkswagen Golf GTi and in a 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco.  In 2008 she won the Mid Atlantic Road Racing Series Improved Touring C class racing a 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco.  Terri will be competing in a Mazda Miata in the 2013 racing season.

Terri has the distinction of being our first female instructor and her fantastic knowledge base and experience help to show our students that the stereotype about female drivers just isn't true.


Lonnie Milstead


Lonnie Milstead joined Stafford County Sheriff’s Department in 1973. He also worked for the D.C. region of the SCCA from 1973 to 1980. In 1981, Lonnie was approached by Bill Scott and was offered extensive training to become an Instructor for BSR at Summit Point Raceway. Lonnie worked at BSR as a Defensive Driving Instructor and FATT Instructor from 1981-2006. After a short break from BSR, he has joined us here at Blacktop Bootcamp.


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