Lonnie Milstead


Lonnie Milstead joined Stafford County Sheriff’s Department in 1973. He also worked for the D.C. region of the SCCA from 1973 to 1980. In 1981, Lonnie was approached by Bill Scott and was offered extensive training to become an Instructor for BSR at Summit Point Raceway. Lonnie worked at BSR as a Defensive Driving Instructor and FATT Instructor from 1981-2006. After a short break from BSR, he has joined us here at Blacktop Bootcamp.




Lonnie's excellent resume and law enforcement experience make him one of the many valuable members of our team.




BSR - Special Security and Counter Terrorist Driving Course 1981

BSR - Highway Safety and Accident Avoidance Driving Course 1981

BSR - Defensive Driving Instructor Course 1981

BSR - Friday at the Track (FATT) 1986