Sunday February 16 , 2020
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I've Already Had Driver's Education

Most people seem to believe that after going through Driver's Education there is nothing left to learn about driving. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Male teen drivers suffer from this affliction most, followed closely by their fathers.

Driving is not only a perishable skill, but it is a lifetime learning experience and there is always more to learn. I got my driver's license in 1987 and after that I did not do another driving course until 1995.  I thought I knew everything I needed to know about driving.  After my first high-performance driving school in November of 1995 I realized that many things I had been taught to do, and most of the things I thought were OK to do were just plain wrong.  I remember feeling amazed that I had managed to survive as long as I had under this sophomoric attitude that I had.  Since then I have done dozens of high-performance driving schools all over the east coast.  One thing I have found is that there is always something more to learn.  When I am teaching at a high-performance driving school I will have another instructor go out on track with me to give me pointers or perhaps find something new to teach me.

Usually the high-performance driving and teen students that I have the most problems with are the ones who believe they already know how to drive.  Their closed attitude and arrogance makes it difficult for them to grasp the fact that they do not know nearly as much as they think they do.  As the saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know."

If you are an older driver you were probably taught hand over hand steering in Driver's Ed.  Did you know that this is no longer an accepted practice?  It is still taught by a few uninformed instructors, but at Blacktop Bootcamp we teach a technique called "Shuffle Steering."  This far superior method means that the driver's hands and arms are always clear of the airbag and provides vastly more control over the car.

For younger drivers, think back on your on-road Driver's Ed instruction.  Did you practice emergency maneuvers over and over until you mastered the technique?  Did your instructor have you go through braking exercises where maximum braking force was required?  Did your instructor have you feel what understeer and oversteer skids felt like and how to prevent them?

At Blacktop Bootcamp essential accident avoidance skills are all that we focus on.  This goes beyond merely being able to control the car.  It involves re-training your brain on where to look, how to sit, how to steer, and how to effectively use the vehicle's controls to keep yourself safe.  We unlearn some of the many myths about driving that get passed from person to person.  Most importantly we practice these skills over and over throughout the day.

We encourage everyone, seasoned drivers and teen drivers alike, to seek out some kind of additional hands-on advanced driver's education.  Your life and the lives of your passengers depends on it.

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