Sunday February 16 , 2020
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The ATSS is currently being used by government agencies and premier driver training companies across the U.S. and in Canada. These are some of our customers:

















Winter Driving Prep from Blacktop Bootcamp

When you find yourself behind the wheel in the first snowstorm of the season, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your vehicle's winter preparedness.  Spending a few minutes reading your vehicle's owner's manual, a few minutes of preparation, a few dollars worth of spare change, and some simple driving tips you can ensure that no matter what old man winter throws across the road on your trip you will be prepared to handle it.

Every fall when you set your clocks back for daylight savings time, make sure that you perform your winter maintenance.  Just remember, if "Bubba" whose butt crack shows when he bends over can learn to work on your car, then YOU can learn to work on your car.


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Parent's Ed for pre-drivers

David B. asks,

"My daughter is turning 14 next week and I'm beginning to think about driver education for her... do you recommend any driving simulation games she could start using on our computer or X-Box?"

As of right now I have not seen any simulation games for the various game consoles that are geared toward street driver training.  Without an expensive force feedback wheel and the proper pedal setup this type of simulation would have very few if any benefits at all.  If anything the lack of consequences for making a mistake may increase risk taking behavior behind the wheel.

So much of driving goes beyond what one sees out the windshield.  The G-forces, vibrations sounds and subtleties that are necessary for good driving skills and decisions aren't really reproduce-able in a video game.  Even with an investment in the best wheel and pedal setup you'd still be woefully under representative of the necessary tools to effectively train.

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I've Already Had Driver's Education

Most people seem to believe that after going through Driver's Education there is nothing left to learn about driving. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Male teen drivers suffer from this affliction most, followed closely by their fathers.

Driving is not only a perishable skill, but it is a lifetime learning experience and there is always more to learn.

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What car should I get for my teen?


Many times I get parents asking for vehicle recommendations for their teen driver. Often people ask me after they have already purchased or handed something down in the hopes that I will validate their choice. Many times they are disappointed in what I have to say.

This article isn’t meant to offend anyone’s current choice. It is simply the most basic recommendation based on safety, statistics and common sense. It is my hope that it will enlighten those who have yet to get something and encourage those who have already bought something to re-think their choice.

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