Blacktop Bootcamp ATSSBlacktop Bootcamp is proud to introduce the Automated Traffic Scenario Simulator (ATSS). Sold only to law enforcement and government agencies through our exclusive distributor, Skidcar System, Inc., this multi-use device can help your training program by reducing costs, improving training quality, reducing manpower needs, and providing unbiased, repeatable training scenarios for your department.

The ATSS simulates real-world situations for driver training scenarios. Using a series of red and green lights the ATSS simulates oncoming cars, cross-traffic, or stopped traffic, providing added realism to department training. Because it is automated the ATSS frees an instructor from the tedious duty of actuating signaling equipment or standing in a dangerous location waving flags. This system eliminates the use of unrealistic audible commands and instead creates visual cues to direct students to make emergency lane changes. Drivers are presented with a random pattern of lights forcing a swerve into one or more lanes.

Adaptive Reaction Time™ allows for consistent reaction times regardless of the student’s vehicle speed. Unlike fixed activation point systems the ATSS uses the student’s speed to determine when to change the lights to achieve the configured reaction time. This prevents the student from gaining more reaction time by slowing down or losing reaction time by going faster than the exercise’s target speed.

Traditionally light systems of this kind have required a dedicated facility with expensive, permanently mounted lights and an instructor to operate them manually. The ATSS is completely portable and can be set up in dedicated facilities as well as temporary training venues. Semi-permanent versions with light weight, easy to assemble scaffolding are also available. The ATSS can greatly expand your department’s training flexibility and offer smaller departments training opportunities without the need for dedicated facilities. Any school, church, mall, or office parking lot can now become a training facility for your department.

Additionally systems utilizing lights suitable for daytime use are often powered by expensive, noisy generators to provide AC power.  Portable systems often rely on battery powered lights that are difficult to see in bright sunlight.  Blacktop Bootcamp's ATSS utilizes high-visibility LED lights that are visible from over 700-feet away in broad daylight.  Battery power ensures clean, quiet, reliable operation that can be charged from the included AC/DC charger, solar panels, or any available 12-volt power source.

Designed by law enforcement for law enforcement, the ATSS is easy to set up, test and operate. All connectors are designed to interface with the appropriate ports to ensure the system is properly assembled every time,  regardless of who sets it up. Simple, menu driven configuration ensures easy setup with consistent, repeatable, bias-free, and randomized scenarios.