Blacktop Bootcamp's Driving Arts™

Advanced Teen Driving
Blacktop Bootcamp's Driving Arts™ Academy teaches advanced street driving skills to licensed drivers 16 years of age and older. By combining classroom sessions and rigorous behind the wheel training, students learn skills that will save their lives amidst the chaos of the modern road.
Blacktop Bootcamp students will learn the following:
Basic vehicle dynamics
Basic physics as it pertains to cars
Basic vehicle maintenance
Traction management
Braking techniques
Accident avoidance maneuvers
Skid prevention, correction and recovery
Spin prevention, correction and recovery
Driving during inclement weather
Advanced Teen Driving
The course is split into classroom sessions where students learn the theory and basics behind what they will use in the on-course portion. In the on-course portion of the class theory is put to work on a challenging, low-speed course. Students drive their own cars so they can learn what their vehicle can and cannot do in emergency situations. In-car instructors guide students through ever more challenging exercises, providing crucial feedback and training as students practice behind the wheel.
Skid Prevention and Control
One of the most important tools is Blacktop Bootcamp's skid car. This vital tool enables the instructor to induce skids at very low speeds. The student gets to feel the vehicle's behavior in various skids, then they are taught how to prevent the skid and correct it. Even though the student is driving, the instructor has the ability to bring the car back under full control at the touch of a button and a brake on the passenger side adds further safeguards.
Blacktop Bootcamp selects its instructors from its network of law enforcement officers and high-performance driving instructors. These people are experts in the field of vehicle control and their wisdom and training is our greatest asset. While we don't teach how to chase bad guys or race cars, what we do teach is the consequences of driving beyond the limit of the student and their car.
Make no mistake about it, this is not like driver's education as you know it!

Our next Advanced Driving Arts(tm) class will be held on Sunday, October 25, 2015 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at Osborne Park High School in Manassas, VA.  This exciting 8-hour class is $299, cheaper than most insurance deductibles.  Give your teen or fleet driver the skills they need to survive the mean streets. Learn: Accident Avoidance, Skid Prevention and Recovery, Emergency Braking, Vehicle Dynamics and more!

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