Wednesday January 29 , 2020
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Emergency Braking Mode

When the ATSS detects an oncoming vehicle, it turns all lights green.  Emergency Braking Mode uses the instructor's preset reaction time to turn the lights from green to red. This forces the student to perform a panic stop.  This can help teach students the characteristics of Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) and the effects of speed on the ability to stop.

The ATSS monitors the student vehicle and the lights will remain red until the RADAR detects vehicle speed has dropped to 0 MPH. The center light will turn green briefly indicating that the driver can continue through the course. After the car clears the course, the lights will then turn off to conserve battery power.

Braking mode can be used to show students the effect that speed has on braking distance.  By setting a fixed reaction time and having the student increase speed with each evolution it is possible to show that successively longer distances are needed for minor increases in speed.

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