Saturday January 25 , 2020
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Intersection Clearing Mode

One of the most unique aspects of the ATSS is its ability to provide training tailored specifically to the emergency response market.  Running code to a call is one of the greatest dangers of any first responder job.  Emergency vehicles may be able to legally go through red lights and stop signs during a priority call; however, it does not relieve them of the duty to operate with due regard for public safety nor does it make them immune to the laws of physics.

The ATSS is specifically designed to enable instructors to teach students how to properly clear an intersection.  Reconfiguring the lights from a linear pattern as with the Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Change Modes, to an individual pattern the ATSS can be used to signal each leg of a 4-way intersection.  Each light then represents oncoming traffic from that leg of the intersection.  When the student approaches the intersection one or more of the lights will change from green to red.  Each individual red light will stay in that state for individually random periods of time before changing back to green.  This simulates the differing reaction and stopping times of oncoming traffic.


Automated Traffic Scenario Simulator - Intersection Clearing Mode


In the example shown on this diagram as the student vehicle approaches, the ATSS randomly selected the lights on the North leg and East leg to turn red.  The ATSS has randomly selected a time of 9-seconds for the North light and the minimum time of 5-seconds for the East light.  This represents a truck coming from the North leg that will require longer to stop and respond to the emergency vehicle.  The East light represents a motorcycle coming from the East leg that is able to stop and yield much more quickly.  The East light will stay red for 5-seconds and then turn green, followed 4-seconds later by the North light, indicating that all cross traffic has stopped and the student is able to proceed through the intersection.

The ATSS Intersection Clearing Mode (ICM) is able to be used in two different ways:

  1. Emergency Response Mode - any vehicle entering the intersection will cause the lights to change.
  2. Pursuit Mode - the first car through the intersection causes all lights to turn green.  The SECOND car through causes the lights to change to a random pattern.

Emergency Response Mode forces students to actually "SEE" potential hazards instead of simply looking down the road.

Pursuit mode forces students to continue to operate with due regard for public safety, even while in a pursuit.  This teaches patience and good tactics that will translate to better judgment on the street in real world situations.

No other training system on the market has this Patent Pending training methodology.

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